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Terms and Conditions


The website is owned by Guinea Company Limited henceforth referred to as “Guinea” or “we” or “us or “our.” We are committed to ensuring the customers regarding our authentic pieces of jewellery, having its registered office at G-101, Kanak Braj Complex, Boring Road, Patna, 800001, India.


Your access to the services is governed by the applicable terms and conditions of our website herein which are incorporated by way of reference. By mere use of the website, you shall be the subject of our terms and conditions for an indefinite period including the policies that constitute Your binding obligations, with Guinea till the time you access the website. Guinea Company Limited possess the right to alter terms and conditions accordingly without any prior written notice to You; it is customer’s responsibility to remain tuned. All the rights inculcation copyright is owned by Guinea Company Limited. Any use of the website or its content, including copying or storing it without our permission is prohibited. In case of any query regarding terms and conditions, complaints or suggestions you can mail us or can call us: 9608003854 between 10.00 A.M to 7.00 P.M


Terms and conditions to employ PAN Card:

As required by applicable law, if you purchase above 200,000 you will be required to provide your PAN Card copy, failing which, the purchase made by the Customer will be cancelled.


Minors (below 18-years old) are prohibited to use/purchase/contract with us. Persona who are incompetent to contract within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 are not eligible to use this website. Customers residing in abroad are responsible for compliance with local laws. In case any Indian state refrains direct sale of merchandise from other states or demands special documentation, under such circumstances we retain the right to accept or cancel the order.


Payment and pricing:

Payment will be in INR for the orders being shipped within India. CGST/IGST will be applicable. Customers making payment via International credit card or foreign bank issued card for domestic orders are required to submit us any government-issued photo Identity proof of the country you are residing in: Passport with visa copy, Driving licence, Employment Card, or any other government ID proof of the country of residence. Payment made through International carts will be converted into INR before payment in accepted.


Delivery schedule:

We prioritise your concern regarding the delivery of the product, we provide a tentative delivery date along with the order confirmation email. As soon as the order is dispatched, we tend to inform you the exact delivery date. Registered customers can track their order via “Track Order” option available on the website. We facilitate the customers living in selected cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore with express delivery, under this we deliver the order very next day subject to the condition that the order is placed by 2 P.M. Orders placed after 2 P.M for NDd pin-code will follow the TAT of T+2 days, and for other pin-codes, it will follow a regular TAT of 5/7 days for domestic orders.


Your obligations:

It is suggested to submit authentic information while registering yourself on


You should update registration data to maintain accuracy. In case of submission of wrong information, Guinea has the right to indefinitely suspend or terminate your membership and prohibit your access to our website. In case of failure of delivery due to inaccurate data provided by you: incorrect name, address, contact number, etc. extra charge will be incurred by us for re-delivery of the product.


We urge you to provide authentic information in all instances. Guinea reserves the right to confirm and validate the information and other details whenever needed. We also possess the right to ask you for additional information for accepting the order or before making a delivery in certain cases. If we find your details false, inaccurate, incomplete we have the right in sole discretion to reject and debar you from availing the services of and other affiliated websites without prior intimidation whatsoever. The customer should confirm the delivery address so that we could deliver your order without any chaos.


You are suggested to go through the product’s description thoroughly before placing the order. By ordering any product you become bound by or terms and conditions of sale and invitation to offer included in the item’s description. The delivery delay is expected in case of natural calamity, public holiday, or any other unforeseen circumstance. We reserve the right to limit the quantity/value of the items purchased by you, we may imply other restrictions as may be applicable to orders placed by the same account, credit/debit card, same billing/shipping address. Guinea provides notification to the customer in such cases and we reserve the right at its sole discretion t prohibit sales to anyone it may deem fit.


Site security:

Guinea refrains the users to violate or attempt to violate the security of the website which includes: Fetching data that is not intended for you or logging onto a server or an account for which you do not have authorized access. It will be a violation of norms if you attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without proper authorization. Attempting to interfere with the service to any other user, host, or network, including without limitation via means of submitting a virus to the site, overloading, flooding, spamming, mail-bombing, or crashing. Sending any promotional emails, advertisements of products or services are prohibited. Guinea will investigate occurrences of forging any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any email or newsgroup, posting violations of system or network security may result in civil or criminal liability, we will consider such violations and cooperate with the law enforcement authorities in prosecuting doer. We are stern regarding the functioning of our site, users are advised not to intervene in the smooth functioning of our website via other devices or software, tool, agent, mechanism encapsulating browsers, spiders, robots, avatars, or intelligent agents.


Cancellation by Guinea Company Limited:

In certain cases, we may not accept the order due to limitation on quantity, error in pricing, unsatisfactory product’s information, to avoid frauds or any other issues which Guinea identifies for not accepting the order, we hold the right to refuse or cancel any order. We will surely inform you in case of order cancelation or if any additional information is needed to accept your order.


Cancellation by Customer:

Order can be cancelled by you before the product is shipped to the destination, we will initiate refund process via the same payment mode that you had used to make the transaction, after receiving the cancellation request. We will refund through cheque only when the customer had not employed any debit/credit card while placing the order. Once the refund is initiated, you will receive the amount in your bank account within some working days.


NOTE: In case the amount has been deducted from your account, but the transaction failed, we will refund the amount at the earliest.


Return and Exchange Policy:

We are committed to serving you the best customer service with respect to the products available on our website, security & customer assistance. We provide enough rope to our customers to analyse the product, in case of dissatisfaction you can surely opt to return the order.


NOTE: Currently, we do not accept return for international orders. Since we consider your concern, in case of a defective product delivered, you are requested to mail us on customer care or call on 9608003854 to refund the product, and it should be unused, in the same condition as you received it, in its original packaging, along with the invoice.


We provide flexible 7-days return policy for domestic orders: In case of a damaged product delivered, you can return the product in the same condition as you received it along with the invoice and package to receive the refund. Our courier partner will collect the product from the given address, we will not add any delivery charge to the returned product.


How to initiate the refund process?

To initiate the return, you are suggested to write us on customer service or you are free to contact us via 9608003854 before 7-days from the receipt of the product. You must not return the product to courier person before receiving a confirmation mail from Guinea about the same. Customer should return the product in unaltered condition with the invoice/Guarantee card into the package to process the return.


NOTE: We shall not entertain any request after 7-days from the date of receipt of the product. In case the customer makes an online payment, the amount will be refunded within 7-15 working days from the receipt of the returned product at the warehouse of Guinea Jewellers.


Domestic orders: Under these criteria, 100% refund will be made within 7-15 working days at the warehouse of Guinea. We value the customer’s choice, in case of payment via cash while purchasing the product, Guinea provides options to the customer to receive a refund via cheque, online transfer as National Electronic Fund Transfer; the mode completely depends upon the customer’s preference. If the customer provides a cancelled cheque, then the amount will be refunded through cheque within 7-15 working days and the amount will be refunded directly into the customer’s account through online transfer as NEFT. If customer do not provide any cancelled cheque, the amount will be refunded via cheque that will be sent by courier at the provided address by the customer while registering/placing order. It may take up to 30 working days


International order:

Currently we do not provide return policy for international orders, in case you receive the defected product and is willing to return it then the refund process will be initiated only post inspection and after we receive a “go-ahead” from our quality assurance team, withing this process, we will not charge you for shipment. In circumstance where our logistic partner fails to deliver the product due to customer’s unavailability, we will initiate refund process; we will deduct the shipment expenses (both to and fro) from the amount.



We possess the right to not allow the exchange of jewellery product due to the differential that may arise, as no two products will have the exact weigh and hence the price will differ. Please note that our pricing of calculated using current precious metal and gem prices to give you the best possible value. These prices do change time to time, owing to the fluctuations in prices of precious metal and gem prices, so our prices also change. If you chose to cancel/return the order because of its damaged condition, the refund will be initiated by Guinea via online method or by cheque. Since jewelleries’ price keeps on altering, our website is subject to change the pieces without notice, customers will be charged as it is listed on the day of purchase.



We will be obliged enough to exchange the Jewellries sold through Guinea outlet or directly by the company. Guinea outlets will abide our exchange policy and no individual discretion in compliance will be permitted. We will accept the return only after examining the jewellery, weighing, assuring its originality including Guinea mark. In case of defected product: cracks, scratches, replacements, alterations; the exchange will be done after cautioning the customer about product’s dismantled, stones removed at customer’s risk. In this circumstance, buyers should be aware that the value of damaged stones will be reduced from the value of refund/exchange. We tend to return damaged stones to the customer. Customer must carry the original Cash Memo and guarantee card to exchange the product. In case any customer files to submit these documents, the ornament will be validated via the factory or may accept the exchange under the terms of the General Exchange Policy. We provide a Valuation certificate cum acknowledgement form: Guinea exchange form, 1st copy will be stapled to Cash Memo of the new product purchased and 2nd copy accompanies product when it is finally returned to the Quality Assurance Department, Hosur. Another document required is customer declaration which should be signed by the customer to proceed the exchange process: 1st copy of the declaration will be attached with cash memo copy and credit note copy at the boutique.


If the boutique faces difficulties while analysing the product’s quality, it will be sent to the Jewellery factory, Hosur to the attention of Executive for verification and valuation. The piece must be accompanied by the 2nd copy of Guinea Exchange Form, product will be validated within 2-working days of receipt together with the 2nd copy of the GEF.


According to the revised Credit note policy (January 2011) the boutique shall not issue open credit note to the buyers, but you need to make sure that the Guinea Exchange Policy credit note is adjusted against the same customer invoice on the same day. Customers are suggested to follow certain steps to make such purchase: you are required to select a new product of equivalent or approximate value of GEP, our experts will guide you the tentative value of the GEP credit note. After selection process, you will be given a declaration form to be signed by the buyer. This form will be attached to the credit note of GEP; all these documents are required to be attached to invoice. Once the GEP credit note is generated as per commercial norms, customer by signing this document accepts the valuation of the jewellery. Since we follow the stern privacy policy, in no case the name changes on the credit card note vs. invoice name will be allowed unless authorised in writing by the customer on the consent letter.


Customers who want to exchange their Guinea products for a cash refund:

Customers can exchange their jewelleries with cash after seeking permission for boutique manager, subject to other terms and conditions of GEP and for Guinea Gold plus products. According to our general terms and conditions, we will deduct 10% for studded products and loose stones whereas 3% will be deducted for all other product categories from the total credit note value arrive at under GEF term. The GEF form should be filled by the customer. Against the column for exchange value/new cash memo number; “Cash Refunded” should be mentioned. Now buyer can be paid up to Rs 20,000 on-the-spot and cheque will be signed by us for larger amounts withing 7 working days. Abiding the IT rules, we do not pay more than 20,000 cash to any customer.


Commercial terms governing Guinea Exchange Policy:

Authentic Guinea products of 24kt, 22kt, 18kt, 14kt are always welcomed for the exchange process, but they are excluded from the GEP scheme. Ornaments like Silver products/ wares, jewellery watches/Nebula watches and export products (9kt, 10kt products) Diamond loose Solitaire products of 2 carat and above are excluded form GEP scheme. Although Zoya products are also accepted by Guinea for exchange in our boutique, but we do not provide cash for such exchange. We also exchange the coin, plain gold, studded jewellery of Gold plus products after examining its authenticity of Gold plus mark. Cash refunds as per GEP terms are allowed for the same. The discount amount should be recovered if the product is being sold under the discount scheme, GEP will be applicable for this as well.


In case of an accepted exchange, we are providing you with the deduction chart:

We will exchange the gold on net weight valued at the selling price of the gold on the day of exchange.


On Diamonds/Solitaire – 0% (for 2kt and above- No exchange)

Invisible set diamonds – 25%

Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires – 0% (product having bill of material)

Other stones including pearls – 0% (product having bill of material)


Original bill and guarantee paper are mandatory for every GEP transactions. In case documents are not available with the customer, the boutique may charge an additional 5% on Gold studded products and 10% on high vale studded products (value more than 2 lakh) to be applied.


Gold (18k and 22k) non-studded pieces are required to be physically weighed to ana accuracy of 2 decimal places. Wight of the stone should be deducted as per the system/hard copy of the factor master/engraved in the product.


Exchange of platinum products: standard deduction of 30% will be made on the prevailing UCP value, standard deduction of 10% will be applied on the prevailing value on solitaire set platinum products.


During the exchange of Kundan, Mangalsutra, Fancy stone products, the amount will be based on net gold weight, valued at the selling rate of gold on the day of exchange.


Considering open polki products, the standard deduction will be made: 0% deduction on stone exchange and no deduction for gold. The standard deduction will be made for Kundan Polki products: 10% on prevailing stone charges, no deduction for gold.


Standard deduction of 50% is charged on the exchange of Victorian collection products on the prevailing UCP value of the product.